Not sure which lashes suit you?


The best way to check if your eyes are almond-shaped, is if you relax your eyes and look into the mirror. If you can’t see any white areas due to your iris making them disappear, then you most certainly have ‘almond’ eyes. As this eye shape is blessed with versatility, a range of lashes will look great on you! However, it is best paired with more dramatic and “winged” out lashes to help create a fuller and more intense look.  


Monolids are common in most east asian individuals. However, other races may also have this feature, where the crease is less apparent. The best lashes to compliment this eye shape are lashes that are not too dramatic as you do not want your eyes to look weighed down. Therefore it is better to go for a pair of light weight and fluffy lashes for that sultry look.


It is common for hooded eyes to have an extra layer of skin that folds over the crease when eyes are open. The aim is to find lashes that can open up your eyes as much as possible! Usually, a more fuller and dramatic lash will make your eyes look heavier and smaller. Going for a more natural-looking pair of lashes with a longer center will create the illusion of depth, so aim for lashes that emphasize your natural eye shape.


If your outer corners are lower than the inner corners, then your eyes are downturned. The best-suited lashes for this eye shape are wispy and natural-looking. Dense lashes will only emphasise the downturn even more. Going for lashes that are longer in the center will give that extra lift to your eyes!


 Upturned eyes already have that natural lift, therefore, going for a “winged” out pair of lashes that have extra volume on the outer corner will further emphasize the eyes even more. However, as this eye shape is incredibly versatile, most styles of our lashes will suit you! 


If you look straight into the mirror and see the whites of your eyes below your iris, then you have round eyes. Going for lashes that are more wispy and cate eyed will open your eyes even more! Try avoiding really full and voluminous lashes as this may overwhelm your eyes and make it appear smaller than it is! 


 Eyes that are set deeper into the eye socket are known as Deep Set Eyes. They are best paired with fuller and long lashes, as it creates depth and opens up the eyes even more. Our glamorous and dramatic range is best suited for this eye shape.