Lumen Eyes is based in Melbourne, Australia and is founded by two passionate women who have a keen eye for the beauty industry. Our main goal is to deliver high quality premium strip lashes at an affordable price for all our valued customers. 

We are now in an era where diversity is the key to empowerment and inclusivity. We want to set the standards of embracing all genders, races and ages by breaking through any barriers within the makeup industry. Lumen Eyes understand that it can be difficult to find the right lashes that suit you, that is why we have provided an eye-shape guide to make your life easier! We have spent most of our time choosing these specific lashes that caters for various types of eye shapes amongst our customers. We have also taken into consideration the longevity of our product, which is why our strip lashes are reusable for more than 20 times. 

As a team, we have decided that every few months we will be donating some of our profit to a chosen campaign to give back and make an impact. Therefore, every pair of lash you purchase, $1 will be donated to the selected campaign. 
For all our Makeup Artists, we hope to give you the opportunity to use our products on your clients to give that extra touch of beauty. We hope to inspire and build confidence in individuals - to embrace your inner beauty with our Lumen Eyes lashes.

It is our pleasure and delight to bring to you,

Lumen Eyes Beauty