Step 1: Carefully remove false lashes with tweezers or fingers. 

Step 2: Measure lash according to your ideal eye length 

Step 3: Trim off the excess lash

Step 4: Roll out lashes to make band flexible

Step 5: Coat a generous amount of eyelash glue onto the lash band

Step 6: Wait until your glue gets tacky/sticky 

Step 7: Look downwards into a mirror and avoid looking straight ahead 

Step 8: Use tweezers to place eyelash as close to your lash line as possible 

Step 9: Apply from the middle then fix the edges with the tweezers

Step 10 (Optional): Use eyeliner to camouflage the strip band



Step 1: Loosen the lash glue by running your cotton tip along the lash line with makeup remover 

Step 2: Gently pull the lash strips off starting from the outer corners until fully removed 

Step 3: Apply eye makeup remover onto the lash band until the glue loosens 

Step 4: Gently pull off the excess glue with your fingers. If your lash glue is stubborn use an oil-based cleanser as it will help dissolve the excess lash glue completely. 

Make sure you are following this aftercare process as this will help make your strip lashes last so much longer!