Before starting our small business, we thought about how we can differentiate from our competitors. One thing that Sonya and I can both agree on are our values.

We realised that not many businesses offer customers the opportunity to shop and give back at the same time. We decided that we wanted to be one of the first small business owners who gives our customers the chance to shop with a purpose all while supporting organisations that share the same values as us. That is why every couple of months, we choose different organisations to give back and make an impact towards. 

We chose the Beyond Blue Foundation as our first ever foundation to donate and raise awareness for because when we first started Lumen Eyes Beauty, COVID-19 had just hit Australia and the impact that it had on individuals mental health was and still is heart wrenching. We believed that the money we were going to raise would contribute towards a foundation that can help make a difference in the community. Individuals who are struggling psychologically benefit from the foundation's ability to provide helpful information, create awareness, and provide assistance, allowing them to attain their best possible mental health. We believed in the mission at the time, and we still believe in it now.

With the amazing support of our Lumen Babes, we were able to raise and donate $463 to the Beyond Blue Foundation. At Lumen Eyes Beauty we make sure that for every pair of lashes purchased, $1 will be donated towards meaningful foundations at the time of purchase. Being able to treat yourself while giving back to the community is the perfect combination of making our customers' shopping experience filled with purpose. 

We want to share with you the gift of shopping and give you the opportunity to give back with us! 

Stay in touch as we will be sharing the impact we made with the Heart Foundation. 

To read more on the impact we have made so far, click here.

Always sending love,

Lumen Eyes Beauty 

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